r e c r e a t i o n   i n   F l a t t a c h
Bedside the tracks of the Mölltaler Gletscher skiing region there are many other options for recreational activities where Flattach is well noted for. In summer as well as in winter, you can choose from a multiplicity of possibilities which will make your stay in Flattach interesting and diversified. Whether you want to climb on Austrians highest mountains, get thrilled on a kayak tour on Möll-river or just enjoying the calmness of our region. IN FLATTACH YOU CAN
Mölltaler Gletscher  -  a winter sport experience

Within 7 minutes only, the worldwide longest underground railway takes you to the highest ski-region in Carinthia. There you can find 50km of slopes up to every difficulty. The Mölltaler Gletscher is assured for snow from October to eastern. (more info)

hiking and mountaineering

Flattach is situated in the centre of the alps. An endless number of mountain tops and hiking trails are waiting for you. You can find whatever you want. From snow covered peaks to green and quiet mountain pasture. If you desire, you can count on the support of experienced mountain guides. More info available under www.nationalpark-hohetauern.at

ragga ravine

In a process over thousands of years the Ragga creek eroded away the terrain to one of the most impressive canyons in the Alps. Come and explore the ravine for yourself and follow the thrilling man-made pathway through the canyon.


Betake yourself under the guidance of a professional canyoning team. With this experience you will not only be able to see the flow of the water but even feel it too. You will be enthused.

white-water rafting and kayaking

Whether alone in a kayak or as a group in a rafting boat doesn't matter. Unique fun is guaranteed. Under the advice of real experts this water sport action becomes an exciting but safe adventure.

cycling and mountain biking

Keep fit during holidays as well. Accept the challenge and attempt a mountain bike tour to a far-flung cabin. Or just follow the family-friendly bicycle lane beside the Möll river.


As of the beginning of may, Flattach offers you the usage of two sand tennis courts. But even in winter you do not have to abandon playing tennis because of the nearby tennis hall with 2 courts.


When fishing, many people attach a lot of value to the quietness and the possibility to engage in soul-searching while listening the plashing of the river. Flattach affords you to fish in a river or in one of our numerous alpine lakes.